Green Construction

green buildingWith green construction you can reduce your carbon footprint while saving money, increasing your re-sale potential and providing your clients, visitors or family with a healthier interior and exterior environment. JD Miller Construction continues to build homes and commercial properties that have minimal impact on the environment. Choosing green construction means you want buildings that last longer, cost less to operate and maintain, and provide superior satisfaction and health.
With strong personal ties to the outdoors and the many adventures and activities that nature provides, JD Miller Construction doesn’t stop at just being a green builder constructing homes or businesses to be energy efficient owner, David Miller, makes every effort to buy all building supplies locally from reputable suppliers reducing our own carbon footprint on the world. As an avid hunter and fisherman that can be found tending to his garden in St. George he understands that our environment demands energy efficiency now more than ever.
With years of experience as a general contractor and project manager, JD Miller Construction is an energy contractor that actively seeks out green building choices that ensure longevity and cost-effectiveness. From passive solar design and high performance windows to low flow fixtures and high efficiency boilers and water heaters, green construction can reduce your energy consumption without sacrificing your quality of life.